Form 101 reports (Russian banks)

This is a dap/bankreports demo site

All data represented here is taken from an open official source.

Data was safely transformed and roughly checked for consistency.
However, all data on this site is provided 'as is', without any warranty of data reliability.

Currently, the database only contains data since 01-Jan-2007, and only from those banks, that have provided full Form-101 reports.
Data from shortened reports (without turnovers) is not included in this database at this moment.

All account-names are in Russian, as provided in orignal Russian Central Bank's database.

This site is built using dap 0.1.7. It is comprised of a number of files:

  1. index.html

    This HTML-page. Its primary porpose is to load the DAPMX core script and involved dap-libraries. It also contains some markup and texts (like this one), which are not related much to the main app logic.

  2. bankreports.xml

    The main dap-library of this application. It contains definitions of all dap-elements used here. Also it defines custom dap converters, flatteners and mappers.

  3. Starter-kit libraries: htm.xml, grid.xml, google.xml

    Stock libraries.

  4. config.xml

    For ease of app maintenance, most initial values, choosers, messages, textual constants etc, are gathered into this configuration file. This allows to easily make changes without need to dig into dap rules. For example, here is the original Russian version of this config file: config-ru.xml

  5. styles.css

    Ordinary CSS-stylesheet wich defines visual appearance of page elements.

  6. To communicate with SQL server over HTTP, a simple aspx gate is used, which transforms HTTP requests into calls to SQL stored procedures.
Feel free to Ctrl+U these files.
I'd also recommend that you monitor the site's HTTP traffic (Ajax requests), using a tool like Firebug.

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